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Some floors may need major or minor repairs. Simple jobs include fixing any loose boards; removing old tacks and nails – and making sure any protruding nails are hammered flat.

When boards or blocks are damaged beyond repair, we will replace them with reclaimed timber – wheneverAstonishing Asthma Safe, Pet-Friendly Products, Clean Green Planet, Child-Safe Products in INDIA possible of the same age and quality.

feet missing. We were unable to find the matching blocks within the capital so had to search further afield.

We eventually found the right blocks from a mews demolition in Nottingham. But at three inches deep – they were twice the required size!

So we cut them in half, laid them and finished off with hard wax oil. The company’s staff now enjoy their new environment: modern glass-partitioned offices complemented by period parquet floors.we are known as Best wood floor polisher.

t’s undeniable that sanded pine floorboards have a timeless appeal. Whether you are restoring your existing wood flooring, or installing brand new wooden floor – a beautifully sanded and varnished wood floor can quickly become a focal point in your home. Whether your home is traditional or modern, there are some quick and easy ways that you can make your sanded wood floors look even more special.we are known as Best wood floor polisher across india. we complete our work on commited time.our duty is make our client happy and satisfy.