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wood floor maintenance service provider

wood floor maintenance service provider working with five Star Hotels across India.

wood floor maintenance service provider and wood floor coatings. experts in sanding and refinishing of wood floor.

We are a floor Sanding company based in Delhi, Working throughout Delhi and Nationwide. wood floor maintenance service provider.We undertake all types Of floor Sanding projects from Domestic floors to Commercial jobs, such as Pubs,Schools,Hotels, Restaurants,Community centers,Historical buildings,Embassy Etc.
We pride ourselves on our quality workmanship and reliability on getting the job done at the very competitive prices.

We are not a product seller, we are providing a solution of a problem which is wooden floor scratch removal and wooden floor refinishing work & wood floor maintenance service provider


Wooden Floor Scratch Removal ,wood floor maintenance service provider,& Wooden Floor Refinishing Work,Match with existing polish color

Exterior Decking, Cladding, Ceiling, Pergolas, Facades,fences,Furniture, Gates, Veneer Re Polishing Work

We Have a Special and Unique Products for Interior & Exterior which
• Protects from UV Rays
• Moisture Resistant, No dripping
• Protects from termites & insects
• Safeguards from fungus and algae
• Protects against blue stain
• Does not flake or peel
• Tea Coffee Marks protected coatings on Restaurant Table.
• The Strengths Of Our Product Are Ultra Wear-resistant And Environment Friendly.
• It Has A Good Stability For Variety Of Different Environment So That Consumers Care More Easily of The Floor.
• :Totally Smell Free, Health Certified & Eco Friendly Products.

• :Latest Sanding Machine which complete more work in minimum time without undulation, dust and hassle free

Life Commitment
We are giving in written warranty of one year for no color fading no chipping no peeling and it’s life upto 5-8 Years

Deals with more than 48 five star Hotels and many residential we have completed around 2 lakhs Square feet area of refinishing work & wood floor maintenance service provider

We are providing our services across India.


wood floor sanding in delhi

Wood Floor Sanding in Delhi


Wood Floor Sanding in Delhi

wood floor Sanding  in Delhi a smooth and polished floor can illuminate an entire room, lifting its entire presence.  A properly sanded and polished floor will also look great regardless of whether you have laminate, hardwood flooring, floorboards or parquet.

Our core ethos is to restore a wooden floor to its natural beauty. There are various reasons why you might want to have a wooden floor smoothed and polished,

whether it’s for recreating the original wood’s high quality or enhancing its appearance with the ultimate goal of improving your property’s value.


As floor sanding experts, we use dust free machines, so you can be assured that there’s no dirt or damage left on wooden floors after the floor sanding process is complete.

The end result is always a long lasting and beautiful eco-friendly finish that looks natural and effortless wood floor Sanding  in Delhi.


Many homeowners make the mistake of trying to do their own floor sanding, with disastrous results. While it may look like a simple task, it can be difficult, even for craftsmen, carpenters and decorators to get right.

Your home is your castle and that’s why you should go to the experts to ensure your floors retain their natural and beautiful finish.


wood floor Sanding  in Delhi As a floor sanding company with 17 years of experience, our team have the skills and the know how to give you the finish of a real wood floor, at cost effective prices.

Being members of the National Wood Flooring Association, you can feel assured that the task is in good hands and that the results will speak for themselves.

What’s more, we don’t ask for a deposit and only expect payment after the job is complete and you are 100% satisfied with the results.


At the end of the restoration process, we can even provide you with a free cleaning kit, demonstrating how to care for and maintain your flooring in the long term.

The result is that your floor will never look less than perfect and you will be proud to bring people into your home to show off your beautiful flooring.